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These comments apply in general and are not necessarily true of a specific dog;


Breed: Weimaraner - Grey Ghost

Country of Origin: Germany

I.K.C. Group 7: Gundog (Hunt, Point, Retrieve)

Function: Rough shooting, deerstalking, falconry

Life Span: Maybe up to 13 + years

Appearance: Athletic, strong, muscular body; eyes blue in puppies, changing to amber

Colour: Silver, roe or mouse grey, as well as shades of these colours

Coat Type: Short and long coats; both shed their coats although less from short coat

Height: 57cm - 70cm at the shoulder

Activity level: Very high

Intelligence: Very high

Watchdog/Protection: Not to be encouraged; can be over protective

Trainability: A challenge; sight and scent are distractions. Stubborn. Be patient and gentle

Good with children: Yes but no rough treatment; weimaraners do play hard so be careful

Good with other pets: Yes but they tend to dominate other dogs

Good with strangers: Can be reserved and a bit suspicious

Character: Bold, impetuous, high energy, restless

Home environment: House with a well fenced garden (6 foot if possible)

Problems, behavioural: Restlessness, destructive behaviour, hyperactive; can be excessive barkers

Problems, physical: Hip dysplasia, bloat (gastric torsion), eye problems, dietary

Best Owner: Strong, firm but kind leader with time and energy to train and exercise

Grooming: Coat brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming

Recommendations: Early socialisation and obedience training essential